Updates & Stuff

I’ve recently taken a break from all things A Hidden Life for a few days except for maybe Twitter and behind the scenes PR stuff which leaves writing, editing and blogging really. I am back on top of the blogging though! Editing however, I am on a hiatus until September. It’s been extremely difficult resisting the urge to edit. I was having such a bad day last Sunday and I knew printing the first manuscript copy would cheer me the hell up so I ended up doing so and began editing the first chapter. But I stopped since because I really do need some space from it before being able to edit it objectively.

A few other updates:

  • The lovely and talented boyfriend has begun the cover art for A Hidden Life. I could not be more thrilled with the sketches he’s shown me so far. I will have to choose a release date and make a big fuss about it soon.
  • I’ve round up 3 editors (two close friends and a co-worker of mine) to edit. One is a journalist, the other a former copy editor and the third a PR professional. Therefore they are all highly qualified to edit. I’m a lucky woman I know.
  • I’ve looked into who I would like to use to edit the interior design/layout of the novel and will write a more detailed post about that later.
  • I’ve found some amazing articles on self-publishing and tips which I will post in the next couple weeks.

I think that’s it for now. Check out this funny quote I stole from a girlfriend’s Instagram. I thought it was ha-larious.

You’re welcome.


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