An Unsuspected Calm

ID-10063447At 27 I’ve tackled various projects, both personal and professional, and gone through one major change in career paths. And let me tell you I’ve been stressed and down in the dumps for one reason or another more than once during this time. But with A Hidden Life something’s different. I’m not stressed. I do think about the results of course. Will people like it? Will it do okay on Amazon rankings? I also find the editing process daunting and challenging. However underneath all this, I feel a calm. For the first time in a long time I feel an overwhelming sense of calmness. I’d even go so far to call it a spiritual calm. I’m not sure where this feeling is coming from. Maybe it’s the freedom in so what? If this bombs I can write another, no one will stop me from doing so and trying again. Also, I’ve learned a ton. No one can take that away from me. And I’ll have accomplished a feat many set out to do and never complete. I will have a book that is my very own. Maybe this is how a woman feels right before giving birth? I kid. Sorta.

Now back to editing!

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