Where Have I Been?

Well its been awhile. Okay its been a long time. Months. Eight months to be exact. Anyone following this blog is probably wondering what the hell? Or they’ve just stopped paying attention to my blog period, which is unfortunate obviously.

Well, sadly I got really sick again. Depression hit me like an angry chimp. Not to be outdone by my OCD. Its been the worse bout of mental illness I’ve had in a very long time. I hit rock bottom. A lot was going on in my personal life, I wasn’t on antidepressants and things got out of hand.

Sadly I stopped working on A Hidden Life altogether. I couldn’t bring myself to work on it, that’s how depressed I was. Ironic, I know. What had inspired me to write this book ended up being a road block in finishing it.

But I’m back, healthier, using new tools to battle my depression and ready to launch the shit out of this novel. I’ve been editing again for the last couple months and have made great progress. Also, I think I’m seeing an end date in my mind! Exact dates coming soon.

Thank you to everyone who continues to share this journey with me.

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