King Joffrey on Celebrity Culture

This is fairly embarrassing for me to admit but no more than putting myself out there with my book will be, so what the hell. My last period of depression (not really sure how else to describe it) was accompanied by a strange desire to be famous and envy of today’s celebrities. Not just any celebrities but the ones who came from my city who are only separated one or two degrees from myself in terms of friends and family. Although I’ve never had a strong desire (or ability) to act or sing, I modeled as a child and perused it again as a young adult (often I was told I was too short and would be better for TV) – the desire and I daresay jealously I experienced was overwhelming. One of the issues I face with depressive thoughts is constantly comparing myself to others and assessing my achievements in life. And who better to compare myself to than the ones who have succeeded in what society deems to be the greatest achievement of all – celebrity. These thoughts have left me now that I’m better and instead I am left with my curiosity about my latest tool of self-torture.

King Joff…I mean Jack Gleeson does an exceptional job not only making me understand my latest complex but the origins of today’s social obsession with celebrity culture. Watch and enjoy.

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