Don’t call it a comeback: 2015 Update, Depression & My Book

103638Wow. So it’s been a while. About 3 months to be more exact. Here’s a short recap:

In October, I printed/ordered books with Amazon CreateSpace with the intention of selling to friends and sending to local media. However after printing (and having friends read it) I realized there were mistakes. Yeah I know. How could that happen? Especially after so many edits. It was a bit devastating but at the same time I wasn’t too ashamed because a) this was my first book ever b) reading your book in book format is very different from a print out or viewing it on the computer screen. I’m not sure what it is but once you have it in a novel format, mistakes just shout at you instead of sneaking by. c) It gave me a chance to test an audience and get honest feedback (from those friends who I knew wouldn’t hold back).


For the last half of 2014, I had worked on my depression with a social worker, using the Cognitive Behavioral Book (CBT) based book Mind over Matter. This was a type of therapy I had avoided for years because a) it was only offered as group therapy (no thanks) and b) it was only during the day – which is difficult to spare if you work full-time. I was lucky that I found a social worker who would work with me after 9 to 5 hours. So far, I feel a lot better (there are still difficult times). My thought process and automatic thoughts are changing and I feel more like my original (before the Depression began) self. I am hopeful that with this new change, I will feel more balanced to work on marketing my novel and continue writing. Nothing like hope to get you going! I would also love to blog about my mental illness more, so look out for those posts!

Future plans

Next steps are to do a last edit using the physical copy, keep blogging and expressing myself, in particular about this journey and mental illness in general. Another big eye opener for me – not one single book has sold via Amazon in the last 3 months. But realistically, how could people buy it without knowing about it? That is something I will have to change. 2015 is the year of marketing A Hidden Life! Also, when the time comes, I’ll need to figure out how to publish using other “vendors” as well, i.e. iBooks and Barnes & Noble etc. which I’ll write about.

Hopefully, you and others will join me this year and I won’t be the only one benefiting from all this goodness to come!

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