Today in Therapy

Today in therapy my therapist totally freaked out. Mid-therapy, I pointed out this enormous bug (centipede like) crawling towards her across the carpeted floor and she flipped the. fuck. out.

She screamed, grabbed a book, threw it on top of the little guy and stood on the book for good measure. I died. DIED of laughter.

It was the first time I’d seen her express emotion other than laughing at my jokes and general awkwardness. And it felt so good. So good to not have the focus on me and all my issues but to see she was just another human being with fears just the same as everybody else.

I’ll never forget this moment and its humanizing effect.

Poor little bugger. Didn’t stand a chance.

5 thoughts on “Today in Therapy

  1. noimnotok says:

    That’s pretty funny You could have flipped the entire session onto her – “So, tell me about the first time you were frightened by an insect, perhaps a time from you childhood”.

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