Losing Your “What If”

You’ve got to try to live for “what if.” What if tomorrow you…

Meet the love of your life
Find an amazing job (or meet the person who will get you that job)
Have the best meal of your life
Have the best drink of your life
Meet the love of your life while having those drinks
Inspire someone
Are inspired by someone
Find your passion in life
Put together the perfect outfit
Get your makeup just right
Help a stranger
Laugh with a friend
Witness a miracle
Discover a book that could change your life
Watch a movie that could change your life

There are so many “what ifs” to live for. With depression those “what ifs” are so hard to imagine. There are no “what ifs,” just what is and what isn’t. You lose the idea of possibility.

2 thoughts on “Losing Your “What If”

  1. Mon ☠ says:

    I practiced this a while back. I would say that this way of “What other ways can I see this” thinking slightly conditions my mind the more I think it. It gets my head living less on past experiences.

  2. Isabel Hunt says:

    Hi Mon, it definitely can change your mind. I’ve read that brain scans show that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy changes the brain itself (I think. I’m going to look it up). You should try to keep it up! I definitely felt a change.This isn’t exactly the same but similar.

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