Is Your Father the Only Man You Can Trust?

Okay, I know there are whack Dads out there. Like wiggity whack. But my Dad isn’t one of them. He’s dedicated his life to his children and they’ve always come first.

Newly single at 30, I’ve moved back home and he’s still dedicated as ever. Now don’t get it wrong, he can be imperfect at times. (i.e. When I’m crying and he just doesn’t know what to do. Hugging me would be a start but that’s another story).

I’ve always found myself with men that remind me of my father. And I’ve always thought that was a sign in a way. Especially with my ex fiancé. His dedication to me reminded me of my father’s. But here I am alone. And I gotta ask is my father the only man I can truly trust? I know that sounds a bit extreme but what am I left to think? He’s always happy to see me, never gives up on me and no matter what I’ve been through in life, ups and downs, life choices he might not agree with… He’s remained there with love in his heart.

Is that the way it’s supposed to be though? With divorce rates so high, should I ever even compare the two “trusts” in the first place?

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