New Beginnings

I asked my friend what to write about tonight and I got the topic of “new beginnings” from her. To be honest, new beginnings scare me, one because you have to let go of the past and two because it opens you up to possible failure and new pain. I’m going through a lot right now, first Christmas without the ex, a new year and moving on to a new job. So it’s a ton of change. And I’m not completely there yet in terms of being ready. Part of me feels good but the other part scared. But one thing I’ve realized that I’ve always been apprehensive about is that change is inevitable. It takes me a while to process big life changes and that may contribute to my depression. I also don’t like forced change that I didn’t choose but was thrust upon me which I feel happens often. I’ve rambled a bit in this post but I hope it’s still a nice short read! Time for bed. Perhaps I’ll elaborate and do a more thought out post tomorrow.

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