How Fast a Man Can Change

This has more to do with my breakup than my depression but I thought I’d throw it out there. Now I’ve only had two major breakups in my life and I can’t help but notice how fast a man can change. To begin with, both men were naturally very kind and caring individuals so it came as even more of a shock when they pulled a 180 after we broke up. The special treatment, the attention and the patience, all vanished. Okay, so you may be saying to yourself “no sh*t, of course it’s all gone, you broke up!” but where did it go? And how did it disappear so fast? Is this a coping mechanism men use? Or is it just the way they were built?

One thought on “How Fast a Man Can Change

  1. am I an addict? says:

    I have just gone through a traumatic breakup. I’ve seen my ex today. He talks to me with such disrespect and has no sense at all of my boundaries. Although we did have a nice moment today where we hugged. My friends would be horrified if they knew I had spent time with my ex today. But I feel like I need some resolution. Like where is that person that I knew and loved before it all went wrong. I need to know that he’s still there. I am still good friends with two of my exes and they are two of my best friends. It’s just not possible with everyone. Maybe I am crazy for trying to salvage something out of a broken relationship. Time will tell. I think it takes time to heal and grieve before you can become true friends if that is what is meant to happen. Give yourself some time and you will heal. Thanks for your blog it made me think about things. All the best for the holidays. X

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