The Strength to Live

Okay the title sounds a bit dramatic but I needed a good one! I’m off for the holidays which poses a problem, a sleeping problem. Today wasn’t too bad, I did sleep in but I got up did some errands and things from my to-do list. However, after that, I lazed around, slept for a bit, tried to sleep for a bit more, tidied up, then gave in (to not doing anymore tasks) showered and watched The Theory of Everything. Now part of my goals this week off, was to catch up on some TV and movies so in part I was getting stuff done! I felt down on myself for sleeping at all though and not doing more. Which made me want to laze around even more. I reached out to a friend to talk it out and get motivated and she pointed out that I did a lot today and to relax. I agreed with her and set out to watch a movie instead of pouting.

This reminded me of my last post on negative self-talk. I am so incredibly hard on myself even when I’m doing well, I can really be self-defeating. So that was a good lesson to just relax, not take things too seriously and give credit where it’s due.

The Theory of Everything was definitely moving (obviously). To have such a debilitating disease and push through and with such great humor is awe-inspiring. It makes me re-evaluate my own personal struggles and the strength I have to live. Maybe things aren’t so bad after all. I need to find that strength and channel it.

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