Why I’ve never gone through with suicide

Now this may sound selfish as there are probably a million reasons to value your life and time on this earth, but to be honest the number one reason I’ve never taken suicidal thoughts any further is because I am deathly afraid of death. It actually gives me anxiety when I think about it too much. How does that not drive everyone crazy? The fact that no one knows what happens after death?

I grew up in a christian home and went to church growing up but a small part of me fears there is nothing after death. So that’s it. You kill yourself, it’s over, you cease to exist. That very thought terrifies me. And is enough for me never to take that desperate final step. And if the bible is right and there is a hell, well technically you’d go to hell for killing yourself (or so I hear). So either way you’re screwed. Amen to staying alive!

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