Stability with Depression – Part 1

Besides money (i.e. a good salary amount), over the past decade I’ve been searching for stability, something I didn’t necessary have in my late teens. I was (and still am) looking for emotional stability as well as stability in my surroundings. Have I ever discovered it? In the last decade, perhaps for a few years. But I’ve found my life with a wrench thrown into it, messing things up, more than once in regards to stability. The most recent event being the break up.

Right now I think I’m searching for it again – a routine, a steady job, steady goals. There are a few ways I can achieve this. 1) create a schedule and stick to it, routine activities (exercise, writing, blogging, sleeping/waking at the same time) 2) make a 5 year plan of where I am and where I’d like to be and what will help me get there 3) Make smaller goals and timelines.

I’ve found blogging consistently has acted as a type of stability in my life. Not only has it helped me connect with other people with similar issues but it’s given me a daily activity to focus on and look forward to. That being said, I’d like to keep it up!


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