Leaving a Cookie Cutter Life Behind

I keep trying to make my life fit into this cookie cutter image I’ve fabricated from the lives of my family, my friends and expectations of society.

Finish school.
Get a job.
Get married.
Have kids.
(There’s a Sun Life Financial commercial showing how different things are now, something I should probably seriously think about)

This break up has really shattered these expectations for me because, hell, I’m not going to obtain them exactly in that way or order. I’m 30, no man, no ring, no baby. But the funny thing is, this has alleviated a lot of my stress and pressure (in the meantime anyway, let’s see how I feel in a few months or years). So out of a situation I had no choice in or say, has come this new era in my life. A time to finally let go of expectations, accept me for who I am and love myself and life, just the way it is. No “I’ll be happy when.” “I have to have this before I do that.” A time to be free. I am earnestly trying to believe in the unconventional life and the fulfillment it might bring.

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