New Year, New You? Handling New Year’s & Mental Illness

This is a super late post I know! But guess what? It’s still January (a week and a half left I know) but I can still discuss New Year’s resolutions right? Right? Going to anyway. Personally, I was feeling some very tangible anxiety over the Christmas break. A New Year already? Jesus, where did the time go? Did I even accomplish anything in 2017? You mean I have to think of new goals and new sh*t to do AGAIN?

First of all, honestly, it’s a bit arbitrary and overrated. You literally start a new day every 24 hours and  new months, new weeks, new hours etc. You can have a fresh start at any of these points! But yes, people tend to focus on a new year. My advice, is to stick to tangible goals and also put a timeline to it. Lose 5 pounds? By when? How? Meditate and do CBT more often? When? How many times? With who? Make a schedule and try sticking to it. Another thing is, don’t stress. No one is perfect. Reward yourself for progressing as far as you can. Another great trick, is to split your goals up into short term, long term and perhaps weekly. This can help things feel more manageable. I usually post my goals in my kitchen up on a cool glass wipe-board with chalk markers.

Something I also think is super constructive to do for the New Year, is to let things go. Let go of the crappy things that brought you down in 2017, let go of the bad relationships, bad jobs, bad therapy, breakdowns or crappy situations, leave them where they belong, in the past. I know that’s easier said then done, especially when juggling a mental illness, but it can be liberating to give yourself permission to let certain things go.

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