Timeline of my depression (and OCD)

Epp! Today is Bell Let’s Talk day and I wanted to post something personal and deep. So I’ve decided to share my mental illness timeline with you which I am realizing is very personal but what the heck, here goes!

2000 – First signs of Depression, saw very first psychiatrist, 15 years old

  • 2000

    First signs of Depression, saw very first psychiatrist, 15 years old

  • 2001/2002

    OCD starts to rear its ugly head, starts with germ obsession

  • 2003/2004

    Takes year off before starting University away (not a horrible time, did stuff, saw docs)

  • 2004

    University frosh week, first panic attack

  • 2008

    Handling thesis, TA’ing, psych mentor program (I know, the irony) president duties, grad apps etc. A student (under supervision) tries to do exposure therapy with me for my OCD (horrid timing). Breakdown city. Still managed a pretty good GPA though. First time trying anti-depressants.

  • 2009 to 2014

    Over 20 mental health professionals (the mental health system in Toronto is…interesting – more on that later), every drug possible (I mean every). A few moves around Toronto. A whole lot of therapy. More CBT (this time successful). Various jobs. Back to school for a post-grad certificate. Engaged!

  • 2015

    Fiance ends things

  • 2016 to 2018

    Moves back home to pull myself together

  • 2018

    Love my job, love my place, back to loving life but will never be the same (truthfully, I think I will always have elements of depression in my life)

  • 2019 to Present

I wanted to clarify that although I write about my break up, it is by no means where my depression begun but it definitely set me back as you can imagine. Mental illness is a long road with ups and downs, lulls and highs, stability and chaos, tragedy and hilarity. All of the above came with so many rich stories and lessons that have truly made me into a resilient, super tough woman (still working on it of course, to grow is to live).

I cannot wait to share all my stories with you!

What does your mental illness timeline look like?

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