Being Black with a Mental Illness

Okay, I may have fooled you a bit! This isn’t necessarily a blog post as much as it is a preview of whats to come this February. Sorry, it’s just been such a hectic week at the 9to5 and in regular life, with Bell Let’s Talk and attending events. I’m still getting a hang of this blogging ahead of time business and scheduled posts. I will get there, promise.

Let me begin by saying Happy Black History Month! Ever since hearing more about intersectionality when it came to feminism, I am all sorts of interested in how things overlap, interact and create complexities. And being black and having a mental illness. is…well, complicated.

Here are some topics I hope to cover this month:

  • The stigma of mental illness in the black community
    • The stigma of mental illness in the West Indian community
    • The stigma of mental illness in the African community
  • Growing up with a Jamaican father
  • The immigrant hustle
  • Intergenerational trauma (just learned about this in the last year as well)
    • Genetically
    • Socially/mentally
  • Being an independent strong black woman
  • Not being black enough, or being too black
  • Code switching
  • Stereotypes of a black male/female
  • Stereotypes of black people: school, work & family

I don’t have experience in all of these but my goal is really to open up the conversation. I strongly believe all of the above influence your mental health one way or another. I will pull from articles and books when I get the chance!

I’ll be attending lots of events this month, from events on writing about the black narrative to partaking in a podcast myself. I will be live tweeting and posting on Instagram, so please follow along and contribute to the convo!

Twitter: @ahiddenlife1985

Instagram: isabelhunt1985

What would you like covered when discussing being black with a mental illness?

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