Isabel Hunt


Thought I’d just write this in first person.

I am a black Toronto, Canadian born woman in my early 30s. My parents are West Indian. I studied Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour and attained a Bachelor of Science, and then completed a Public Relations honours certificate.

I’ve now lived with depression and OCD  actually longer than I have without them, which is kind of a significant milestone. My depression started at 15, with strong suicidal ideation. My OCD came a couple years later. I’ve seen over 20 mental health professionals over my lifetime (due to the system, fit and moving locations). I have the  G.O.A.T  family and  friends.

I pride myself on being genuine, living a life of purpose, creativity and my love for others and education. I finished writing “A Hidden Life” in 2014. I then went through an extremely difficult break up with my ex-fiancé and book dreams got side-tracked but here I am again! I hope to write another book focusing on my OCD, then who knows after that!

I want my book and blog posts to not only help open up the conversation about mental illness but show a different side – the spectrum of it and its reality. I don’t think anyone would have pegged me to have not one but two illnesses.