imageA Hidden Life is an entertaining, powerful and uplifting read. But more than anything, A Hidden Life is an important read, because it opens the door to a discussion that we aren’t seeing enough of in today’s culture. This heartfelt novel deals with mental illness in a way that is relatable and understandable by weaving it into a story full of struggle and hope. The novel is full of significant moments that help us get a glimpse into a subject that we all need to work a little harder to understand. Getting to know the main character allows us a small window into the suffering of others, an opportunity that we must use to delve further into the conversation about mental illness.”

Eliana G. – Copywriter

“A Hidden Life: The life I’ve lived is an honest and impactful book which explores the realities and the challenges of mental illness in today’s society. As a healthcare worker I found this story particularly special as it addresses the topic of mental health, and the social stigmas which surround it, head on. With each chapter we gain a better understanding of what it means to come of age with the added challenges of mental illness and we get a long overdue look into what we as a society can do to help bring this issue to the forefront. The author pulls you into the novel from beginning to end and gives a voice to mental illness through her main character’s vulnerable and courageous journey into womanhood. A Hidden Life is a book which strives to bridge the gap between those with and without mental health concerns in a world where the subject is largely taboo. It is truly an eye-opening read!”

Alexis – Healthcare Professional