October Happenings, Book PR and Another to-do list

6d77403f641ad3ec5213b90a8132128fWith A Hidden Life in the hands of my editor you’d think I’d have nothing to do but apparently not. As a self-published writer your to do list technically should never end! I will admit I’ve taken a bit of a break from it all, except social media of course. On a personal note, my boyfriend whom I live with had an unfortunate rock climbing accident in August which has of course affected working on this project. He’s been fantastically brave and strong as usual however that doesn’t take away the fact that this has been a challenging time in our lives especially because we had recently gotten a puppy as well. That being said, once I handed the novel over to my editor, I definitely finally felt the strain that dealing with everything had put on me. I needed a breather but with October ending, I’m realizing times a ticking.

What I need to do now is flip on the PR gears that I exercise in my day job. It’s time to do the following:

  • Press Release
  • Media Kit
  • Create a launch party outline for sponsors
  • Start contacting potential launch party sponsors (oh yeah, I’m planning a book launch party for end of January – I’ll write a separate post on that!)
  • Finalizing launch party details (photographer, venue and food and drink)
  • Finish cover art (which the boyfriend has been designing during his recovery when he can muster the strength)

Okay so I haven’t been doing nothing for the last few weeks. I’ve spoken to contacts for the venue, photography and dessert – so the launch party ball is rolling. I’ve also purchased a photo from a German photographer for my book cover and had my boyfriend (he’s my cover designer – lucky me I know) do a mock-up. I am absolutely in love with the photo I’ve purchased and could not be happier. That reminds me – I also need to pick a day to release the cover art. I was thinking end of November/first week of December, which is almost two months before the official release.

It’s insane how much there is to do once a book is done and I keep thinking of things to add to that list. I know once I get the book back from the editor the first rewrite itself will be brutal but like everything else in life I have to take this one day at a time.

Now seeing as how October is finished in ten days I better get on it!