I think it is so incredible that the Internet has allowed people to express themselves, especially when they are dealing with unique circumstances. Watch this beautiful video logging a young women's battle with not only Trichotillomania (classified as an ICD which is similar to OCD) but depression as well. This is the change I believe our … Continue reading

Breaking MY Silence on Suicide | My Interview with KSL

I’ve read Seth Adam Smith’s story and he’s making huge headway on reaching others. It definitely spoke to me and I’ll keep it in mind as I continue on my journey!

Seth Adam Smith

My wife practically forced me to press play. I watched most of it through a raised glass, distorting all of the images.

I’m not too comfortable being on camera, unless I think I’m funny. And suicide isn’t funny.

In any case, my interview for KSL’s special on suicide is now online. You can watch it by clicking here.

I’ve had a lot of incredible feedback. My life is filled with wonderful, supportive family and friends. I was particularly touched to see dozens of my friends share the link to my story on Facebook.

After reading all of the comments (some of them from people who are currently struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts), I’ve decided to write a faith-based book on recovery from depression and suicide. It’s time to shine the light on the darkness.

On a humorous note, probably my favorite comment came from Bob Pettit, the husband…

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